…..nothing goes to plan!

So, my last post was about taking the plunge and moving back down to Devon… fast forward just two days and the people we were buying from in Exmouth decided not to move on the agreed date (helpful) and decided to stay put for another 2 months (REALLY helpful). We then went back to the people buying out house and they wanted to move in within 2 weeks or else they would pull out of the deal (are you keeping up?). So, it basically left us with one option (well, two if you could homeless as an option)… live with the in-laws for two months. So I spent a somewhat stress-filled two weeks packing up all our stuff in Bristol and putting it all in to storage.

I have decided never to move again after this! Even if we have another child we will be staying put whatever!

So what horror stories have you got about moving? Have you been gazumped? Moved county or country?! I’d love to share the pain!



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